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Clare May Martin


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Clare May Martin studied Fine Art Painting at Chelsea. Given paint and an empty space, the course gave Clare ultimate freedom to grow and develop her own style.

During the 3 year course, her work evolved towards strong composition structures without any pictorial reference.  Encouraged by her lecturers, who included Chris Ofili, she pursued the passion she was discovering for abstract work and theory, leaning towards the style of Abstract Expressionist and Colour Field Artists. Love of painting and paint itself drives the ambition to create

Despite a love of painting and a strong desire to create, her art practice, unfortunately, became a part-time pursuit due to the realities of making a living.

In April 2017, after a successful career in International Fashion Sales, Clare made the decision to devote her time once again fully to her art. Now, looking to expand both her studio practice and theoretical studies, Clare couldn’t be happier.

“The work is a personal experience. Emotion and reference are restrained allowing freedom for the viewer to create their own images, rarely they are the same.  Made with quick action emotive mark making, and pursuing a strong composition, the journey with the emerging painting becomes the end painting.  The abstract image becomes a vehicle for the viewers’ mind, playing with recognizable imagery that is not there, evoking a blurred memory that they resonate with; the painting pulling from their subconscious an emotional connection which belongs only to the viewer themselves.”

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