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Hermione Carline


Hermione Carline

Exploring themes of light and shadow, translucence and opacity through her paintings, drawings and prints, Hermione Carline imbues her work with an immersive and atmospheric quality creating pieces that are often abstract but firmly rooted in the material world. She has created her own unique style through her application of multi-layers of opaque and translucent colours and her use of hand-cut paper stencils.

Hermione was born into a family of artists. Paintings by her parents and ancestors, Carlines and Spencers, lined the walls, along with collections of African masks, antique toys and various curiosities. This inspiring atmosphere empowered her, enabling her to forge her own artistic path and explore beyond the traditional parameters she had inherited.

After completing her masters at the Royal College of Art, Carline worked as a textile designer, co-founding the design studio, The Collection, where her clients include Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren. These earlier experiences in designing and interiors have informed much of her current work.

Hermione has recently collaborated with Claridge’s on a series of paintings for their new refurbishment and has exhibited regularly in London with The Other Art Fair, the Affordable Art Fair and Gallery Elena Shchukina in Mayfair.

Hermions Carline

Oil on canvas