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Kate Dolan


“My hands were always filthy at school, covered in paint from the time I’d spent in the art studio. I’ve always loved the way paint stays with you no matter how hard you try to wash it off.  Reminding you of the work you have done and what’s still to come.

After graduating in 2007, I spent 8 years working in advertising ignoring my instinct to create but in 2016 I decided to get back to my creative roots and pick up a paintbrush.  I haven’t looked back.

Obsessed with colour, form, bold strokes and graphic shapes, my paintings are driven by my emotions following life experiences or topics I am passionate about.  My work and colour palettes are predominately inspired by nature and our beautiful planet, specifically aerial images of the earth.  The inspiration for me is endless.

Self-taught, but eager to experiment, my time in the studio is some of the best I’ve had, and I’m excited about the work to come.”