Hospital Club London – WC2H

Working from a private members club seems like the perfect solution to a central, temporary office location. You’re mixing with
people in the creative industry, you’re near everything you need to be near, and you get to invite your friends and clients to an
exclusive location. Bearing in mind there is a £865.00 annual membership fee (not including joining fee), which isn’t actually that
bad compared to other members clubs in the city. There are ups and downs to being here, however.

The Hospital Club

Based in Covent Garden, you’re near everything. If you get here early enough you can find a great place to park yourself and get
some work done. The staff are really friendly and there are waiters to get you drinks or lunch. If you’re going to be looking for
somewhere to work from every day then it’s not a bad option as the annual membership is significantly less than renting an office
in London. It’s also a fantastic place to bring clients with nice dining facilities and a members screening room for watching the
latest release movies. A variety of informative talks and new bands are organised for evening entertainment.

The Hospital Club
The one ‘potential’ downside is that it can get really busy in one of the main rooms. As a result, the volume can get rather loud
which isn’t ideal for concentrating or being on the phone. You can, of course, walk out of the room if you need to make a more
private call though.

The Hospital Club

It is a great place to escape to. As I mentioned above, you do have to be a member in order to work from here
(and there is an application process) but if you’re based centrally on a regular basis and work in the creative industry, I highly
recommend investigating further. There is also a Hospital Club opening in Los Angeles which you would have access to.

The Hospital Club Website

Location map is here


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