London Edition
Stunning interior

Certainly one of the most beautiful places for a meeting. London Edition is another on the list of the Ian Schrager portfolio (The chap behind Studio 54). Walking in, you’re greeted by a massive polished aluminium egg, dangling from the ceiling which reflects all the beauty around it. The space has been designed by Elastic Architects, who seem to have a knack for mixing classic architecture and modern design in a ridiculously elegant fashion.

Service, as you’d imagine, is brilliant. Staff are lovely and the coffee is rich and will keep you wired for hours. Internet access is, of course, included and fast. It really is an incredible place to meet or escape the office for a bit. There is a restaurant if you have time for a lunch meeting. I highly recommend having your next coffee here.

London Edition Bar area
London Edition
London Edition
London Edition workspace

GPJ Meeting room
GPJ Group

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