Christopher Noulton
In conversation with Christopher Noulton… You have a truly incredible portfolio of work. From working on album covers for The... Read More
Katharine Le Hardy
In conversation with Katharine Le Hardy… Your current work tends to focus the architecture deconstructed, however, your older work was seemingly more focussed on landscapes of nature. Quite contrasting subject... Read More


16 July - 12 September 2021
Santiago Parra
JD Malat Gallery
25 June - 31 July 2021
Gerhard Marx
Goodman Gallery
June 17 – 18 September 2021
Helen Frankenthaler
Gagosian Gallery
4 June - 25 August 2021
Tesfaye Urgessa
Saatchi Yates, Cork Street
Ellie Tate
With her Miro-esque style, Ellie’s latest series of works bring an almost mischievous otherworldly bit of colour and fun to... Read More

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