The Zetter – Clerkenwell

The Zetter: A Stylish Oasis for Coffee or Discreet Meetings in Clerkenwell

Tucked away on St John’s Square in trendy Clerkenwell is the stylish Zetter Townhouse hotel and cocktail lounge. While the guest rooms are lovely, it’s the ground floor café and lounge areas that make the Zetter a standout spot to enjoy coffee, cocktails or host a private business meeting.

The striking interiors were designed by Russell Sage Studio and blend an eclectic vintage style with rich colors, tactile fabrics, quirky curiosities, and taxidermy. Antique wood panels, low leather sofas, and hidden snugs and alcoves create an atmosphere of old-world coziness and discretion that feels miles away from the bustling City streets outside.

Those looking for a casual coffee meeting will feel at home in the airy front café area, with its green tiled bar, sheepskin-topped stools, and mismatched furnishings. While those wanting more privacy for a business rendezvous can slip into one of the secluded lounge areas in the back, separated by heavy curtains and accented with eccentric touches like the large antelope mounted on the wall.

With its timeless yet avant-garde aesthetic and intimate scale, the Zetter is a highly atmospheric yet relaxed setting to indulge in some of London’s best coffee and cocktails. Guests enjoy both outstanding service and a blissful sense of being tucked away in their own ornate, cozy world. It’s an oasis of understated cool that keeps creatives, and professionals alike returning again and again.

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