The Zetter Hotel – Farringdon

The Zetter Hotel is set in the heart of Clerkenwell and I’ve actually come to work here on a weekend. Mainly because I have work to do but also because I couldn’t find anywhere to sit when I popped in during the week.

The Zetter Hotel

It has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years and a perfect “working away from work” destination as its so close to everything.

I have just found out that part of the seating area is run by ‘Central Working’ who offer various locations to work from in central London. They essentially rent the space and you rent from them. Not exactly the ideal situation if you’re looking to sit down for an hour or two between meetings or trying to find a suitable escape from the house for the day. As I’m here on a weekend, I’m not sure if I’d be able to work here during the week but it would explain the busyness when I walked past this week!

Clerkenwell is the centre of the furniture world. Odds are that the chair you’re sitting on and the desk you’re sitting at reading this article were sourced by your interior designer in Clerkenwell. All the major brands of commercial furniture have showrooms here. As a result, many designers and salespeople hang around here and need somewhere nice to work. The Zetter hotel offers a wonderful environment, great coffee a nice restaurant and really friendly staff. Everything needed to get your head down for a couple of hours.

(Top tip: If you end up working late, The Zetter Townhouse is located just behind the hotel and has fantastic cocktails)

Closest public transport is Farringdon station, approximately a 5-minute walk away or old street is about a 15-minute walk.

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