Citizen M London

Citizen M Hotel Bankside SE1

Citizen M – London

One of the first things you notice when walking into the Citizen M is that it’s popular. Very popular.
Understandably so actually as its exceptionally well designed. The reception areas are great for touching down and working from. They offer enough space for sitting and having lunch or a coffee, sofas for lounging or workstations for sitting with your colleagues and actually getting some work done. Even full office style desking that look and probably feel like a proper collaborative working environment.

Citizen M London

This is one of the seemingly few hotels who has capitalized on the need for a workspace environment and cater to it exceptionally effectively. People are sitting around me having meetings, on the phone or just with their heads down getting work done.

Citizen M London

Working in the interior design world, there are certain brands that all designers love dropping into parts of their individual creations. Vitra is one of those brands. However, if you walk into a Citizen M hotel you may as well walk into a Vitra showroom where none of the furniture is for sale. Its nice but slightly tedious and unoriginal in my opinion.

There is a sign up on each desk that emphasises, “this is not a co-working space” which is completely understandable and something I should preface; All of these spaces which I’m writing about are great temporary alternatives for sitting down with a coffee and getting some work done but are not your new personal office. Realistically, with the amount of variety in London, I love exploring new alternatives!

Citizen M London

Iconic heart cone chair by VitraCitizen M London

You can tell a lot about an establishment by the loo’s – These are rather cool. (Though the man remarkably similar to the lady which nearly ended badly…)

Citizen M London

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