BFI Southbank

BFI Southbank SE1

 BFI – Southbank

The British film institute is a great place to escape to in order to get a bit of work done. Relatively quiet with comfy chairs and
sofas to sit back in and get some work done. You’ll inevitably be surrounded by conversations with people working on their next
scripts or creative pursuits. The environment is nice and relaxed making it ideal for getting some work done. Calm background
music on the radio which is almost inaudible it’s so subtle and during midday, it isn’t overwhelmingly populated which is nice.

BFI Southbank
Once settled with a coffee and logged onto the wifi, the internet speed is extremely fast making editing and uploading images really
efficient. My phone signal dropped significantly, however, making the couple of phone calls I made almost inaudible and internet
on my phone was practically non-existent (GRPS). However, this could possibly be a good thing if you don’t want to be disturbed!
BFI SouthbankBFI SouthbankBFI Southbank
The lack of natural daylight is evident, and, coupled with ambient lighting which lights the seating, can make you forget what time
it is and also put a bit of strain on your eyes if you’re staring at a screen constantly. I’m not sure how easy it would be to read
any paper documents under such lighting either, though there are quite a few people reading books.
BFI Southbank

It’s a great venue for getting some work done and you forget you’re in central London. Let’s face it, that is what you need when
you’re trying to be productive.

Location: Southbank (click for map)


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