Ellie Tate

Artist Portfolio

With her Miro-esque style, Ellie’s latest series of works bring an almost mischievous otherworldly bit of colour and fun to the forefront. Eclectic, contrasting colours are bound to brighten up any space.

Each painting is a meditation on flavour. The sensory reactions, feelings and mental images that were ignited after contemplating each flavour directly influenced the use of colour, shape and line. 
Sweet: I was drawn to rounded soft edges, floating playful shapes and sugary soft pastel colours which are reminiscent of a pleasing sweet flavour.


Citrus: The shapes are lively and the colours are tropical and fresh to give an impression of the senses being awakened. 


Bitter: A peculiar composition and dark, intriguing colours express the sharpness of a bitter taste.


Get in touch if you require further information on Ellie or any of her works.

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